#EMMS_Pride Moment: Way to Go EMMS MathCounts Team

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 3:16pm

EMMS 2017-2018 MathCounts Team

Wow - time to celebrate our kiddos!

Our EMMS MathCounts team came in 1st place out of 33 teams. The team members are Ethan Li, Kevin Wang, Connor Rose and Brandon Du.

The team plus an additional two students will advanced to the state competition in March. Here are the placements out of 290 students:
Kevin Wang = 3rd
Ethan Li = 4th
Brandon Du = 5th
Connor Rose = 7th
Jason Wang = 43rd
Adelina Yoon = 51st

Kevin Wang also came in 2nd place for the Countdown round where two kids race each other to answer questions in front of the crowded room of 500+ people. Please congratulate them when you see them this week!