Upcoming EMMS Music Concerts - locations (some NEW) and performers

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 1:25pm

We are SOOO excited to announce the following:

  • Tuesday, June 5th @ 7pm -- NEW LOCATION is Reservoir HS

    • Groups Performing: Symphonic Winds and Wind Ensemble

  • Wednesday, June 6th @ 7:30pm -- Currently at EMMS (fingers crossed for new location)

    • Groups Performing: Concert Choir, Women's Choir, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble

  • Thursday, June 7th @ 7pm -- NEW LOCATION is Atholton HS

    • Groups Performing: Concert Band, Symphonic Band

Let's show all of these fantastic musicians/singers or love and support!
Join EMMS in sending our thanks to Reservoir and Atholton High Schools!