Important Information: Students Returning to In-Person Instruction

Fri, 02/26/2021 - 9:45pm

New Schedules: Remember that all student schedules will change effective Monday, March 1, regardless of whether you are returning in-person or remaining virtual. Schools will communicate to families whether you are in A or B groups, for those who chose the one- or two-day option. General student schedules are available online:

Bringing Chromebooks to School: Students attending school in person should bring their fully charged HCPSS assigned Chromebook and power adapter to school on their assigned days. Schools will communicate directions to families who do not have devices to bring to school.

School Supplies: In addition to Chromebooks, students should come to school fully prepared with any necessary school supplies (e.g. pencils, notebooks, etc.). Students may check with their teachers for any required supplies on a particular day, especially for related arts. HCPSS also recommends students bring to school a water bottle, a book or activity for non-instructional time, and outdoor wear when appropriate.

School Readiness: Before welcoming back students, every school will undergo a comprehensive walkthrough and a readiness report will be generated and posted online. Find them all here:

Daily Health Checks: To ensure you are healthy enough to attend in-person instruction, please perform a symptom check every day before leaving home. Details can be found online:

Protective Face Masks: You must wear a mask at all times on the bus and at school, except while eating. Reusable, 3-ply cotton face masks and face shields will be provided for students (face shields are not required) but you may bring your own mask. Some students may be unable to wear masks and will be addressed on an individual basis. NOTE: Neck Gaiters are NOT permitted.

Lockers: Students will not have access to lockers, either in hallways or locker rooms. Please plan ahead when packing backpacks.

Got Questions: about returning to school? Find answers: