SY 2021-2022 School Volunteer / Visitor Protocols

Tue, 08/17/2021 - 10:15am

Volunteer/Observer Vaccine Requirement - 

Vaccine Requirement Date: Effective Monday, Oct. 25, all volunteers and chaperones who interact with students and parents/guardians who are conducting observations in which they will be in a classroom with students will be required to use the PinPoint platform to show proof of full vaccination at least five school days prior to entry into a school. This also applies to students who are visiting a school that is not their own during the school day to serve in a volunteer capacity (e.g. mentoring opportunities). This does not apply to students who go to another school as part of their school schedule including students who visit the ARL. The process for volunteers/observers will be shared with the HCPSS community in an upcoming communication. --

Additional Volunteer/Observer Requirements -